Generalitat says that the V Encuentro de las Familias Foundation “should have gone extinct” and rules out taking on more debt

The opposition demands transparency, political responsibilities and “answers to know exactly what happened”

The regional secretary of the Business Public Sector, Bruno Broseta, said that the V Encuentro de las Familias Foundation -which organized the event in 2006 and in whose patronage are the Archbishopric, Generalitat, City Hall and Provincial Council of Valencia- “should have been extinguished” and, In addition, it has ruled out making “additional contributions” to settle the entity’s debt, given that the regional administration has already paid two million euros in 2010, 25 percent of what was owed, according to its participation in that foundation.


In his appearance on this subject in the Committee of Economy, Budgets and Treasury of the Corts, at his own request and accumulated to the appearance of the Minister of Economy requested by Compromís, has urged the Archbishop to convene the Board of the entity to meet “as soon as possible” to “resolve these issues”.

Broseta has stressed that “it is not a public foundation” and that “it is necessary to declare the extinction and proceed to liquidate it, which is when you have to address the outstanding debt”, amounting to 4.1 million euros according to the 2011 accounts, since “since 2007 it has assumed the legal extinction”, as previously indicated by the opposition.

Regarding the total disbursement of the Consell required by the representative of Compromís, Mònica Oltra, has indicated that it consists of 10,000 initial euros and another two million contributed in 2010 to assume its share of the accumulated losses amounting to 7.9 million. “The Generalitat put two million and the rest of employers, we know nothing,” added Broseta, who has argued that “the Generalitat understands that it has already met this requirement” and that “absolutely” contemplates making new contributions “because there are other priorities. “

After these affirmations, Ignacio Blanco (EUPV) has opined that the Generalitat “has done ‘a Betoret and a Campos’, has gone before the others were, and the others a Ricardo Costa,” said the parliamentarian in reference to the different stance adopted by the then accused in the so-called ’cause of the suits’ within the ‘Gürtel case’.

In turn, Oltra has claimed that “political responsibility goes far beyond the percentage” while the representative of PSPV, Jordi Serra, has questioned the “transparency” with which the Consell has acted in all matters relating to V World Meeting of Families and has demanded “answers to know exactly what happened, leaving aside all judicial issues and corrupt plots, which will already say the courts,” he added.

In the reply, Broseta has argued that “the Government does not intend to drain the package or pass the hot potato to anyone,” while saying that he is unaware of whether there are internal problems within this body as “who is owed “That outstanding amount.

“The decisions are made by the Consell”

In another vein, regarding information on Deloitte’s advisory services in the restructuring of the business and founding public sector of the Generalitat requested by EUPV, Broseta has detailed the work of the consultant and insisted that “decisions the Consell takes them “, in a process that” is a political decision of the PP “and that” is not reflected in any consulting document, but in the decree law 7/2012, now law “.

Broseta has refuted opposition criticism for the “errors” detected in the report prepared by Deloitte, corrected by the company and described as “immaterial”, while stressing that this document “does not go to weight” and He commissioned the consultant because it entailed an amount of “impossible to manage” work for the administration.

Of the restructuring, he regretted that it implies “such a high number of dismissals”, he referred to the nullity of the ERE of Vaersa and the Valencian Mobility Agency as “a contrariety” and stressed that “the most relevant are not the Personnel reductions in quantitative terms, there are other items that have dropped much more “, in reference to the fall of 33 percent in operating expenses and 25 percent in personnel from 2011 to 2013.


“delay” of the workload distribution plan

On the other hand, the regional secretary of Public Administration, Pedro García Ribot, has previously informed in this commission, at the request of the PSPV, about the Plan of redistribution of workload announced in November for the staff of the Generalitat – except for the health , education, justice and the public business sector- in order to undertake a “more effective, agile and effective” distribution of personnel and generate a “new perception” of these workers as “resolving agents”, fleeing from “model stereotypes” outdated. “

Faced with criticism from the opposition for the delay of this initiative, scheduled for the first quarter, he assured that the document “is drafted and will be passed to unions soon.” “The diagnosis is made, the method also, now we have to start negotiating with the unions and make it final,” said Garcia Ribot, who blamed the “month and a delay” to the intention of the Council to “do it right”, without “precipitation”, to be “a model of success”. “And to be slow, we are the fastest in Spain,” he added.

At the proposal of EUPV, the investigation carried out by the Services Inspection regarding the possible illegal cession of workers to the Consell from public companies or through technical assistance that, according to García Ribot, has resulted in the elaboration of some ” recommendations, in the form of instructions, on good practices for the contracting of services and management commissions in order to avoid incurring in cases of illegal assignment of workers “, which” will be of obligatory compliance and strict observance “.


Thirteen sentences for illegal cession of workers

García Ribot has indicated that there are 13 judicial rulings favorable to agrarian technicians, computer operators, psychologists and management and investigation assistants who considered their rights violated and denounced. In addition, he stressed that “everything that is not illegal, is legal and therefore, all contracts that do not incur any illegality, are legal,” point where he has indicated that “nothing has been found that contravenes the legislation , although things are perceptible, as can be found in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife “.

In the reply, the opposition groups have criticized that assertion about legality and, in addition, Ignacio Blanco (EUPV) has also reproached him for developing “a manual for the laundering of fraud”, Rafael Rubio (PSPV) who did not act before the report of the general inspector of financial control about these hiring and Mireia Mollà (Compromís) who does not know in how many processes the Generalitat is denounced by this question.