How did UFC turn MMA into mass sports?

January 18, 2017 UFC How did UFC turn MMA into mass sport?  A1 Blog

MMA is becoming more and more popular around the world. Bulgarian fans are also growing every day, new MMA sports clubs and increasingly competitive professional fighters are emerging. But how from the barbaric organized fights for the past 25 years MMA (mixed martial arts) has evolved to the fastest growing sport in the world ? What is his success and popularity about? The answer is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) – the organization whose name has become a mime for MMA and which was sold in the middle of last year for a record $ 4.2 billion.

UFC Как UFC превърна ММА в масов спорт? А1 Блог

From 14 January, the UFC’s PPN events and the PPV events are already available in the country after the launch of the new Mtel Sport channel 1 . The channel will also broadcast the battle nights of the Russian Fight Nights circuit and the WSOF , where the champion in the “heavy” category is Blagoi Ivanov – Bagata.

A UFC PPV event costs about $ 50, and Mtel Sport 1 will be broadcast for free until March 31. The channel will then be available for subscription at an extremely affordable price. The first PPV UFC that we will be able to watch live is 208 on February 11th. It will offer the fundamental battle in a new category for women – “feather” (65.7 kg).


The first event in UFC history (UFC 1) was on November 12, 1993, in Denver . Then eight athletes compete in different disciplines that practice disciplines such as karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing and taekwondo. Athletes compete in an octagonal cage (“Octagon”). The idea of ​​these battles is to see which martial art is superior to others. It is currently difficult to define as sport this first event and other early UFC competitions following this format. It is brutal, no categories, no gloves, no judges , no time limit and no rules .


Today, UFC’s popularity is greater than that of all other martial arts. The organization has transformed the MMA into a well-organized sport that is increasingly accepted by the mass audience and even among women. Establish clear rules that offer an acceptable compromise between athletic health and freedom of sport, imposed referees, introduced gloves and rounds, and doping control .

The UFC stars , such as Connor McGregor , John Jones , George St Pierre and, of course, Ronda Rowie , who has paved the way for women in the MMA and are one of the most recognizable ambassadors of the sport, have a great merit. Cock Stars such as Brock Lester and Phil Brooks (“CM Punk”) also tested their UFC skills with varying success.

Typically, the company organizes one PPV event per month and one or more Fight Nights. Each event is divided into three parts. The first few matches are the early warm-up meetings. They are followed by a new group of warm-up matches to get to the main battles.

UFC Как UFC превърна ММА в масов спорт? А1 Блог Since 2005, UFC has been filming a real reality show – The Ultimate Fighter , which now has 24 seasons. The show includes career fighters who are divided into two teams with coaches – current or withdrawn athletes. The best two go out against each other in a real UFC event.

The achievements of the UFC are really exceptional. The organization has transformed an underground race into the fastest growing sport in the world and gives us the opportunity to watch one of the most electrifying competitions in the world of sports.

While we are waiting for the UFC 208, we can watch the remarks of the last Mtel Sport 1 Mist Evenings and prepare for the next event on January 29th. In it we see very promising meetings from which Donald Cerro against Jorge Masvidal.

* PPV – Pay per view . This is a service through which viewers can watch paid TV shows that are not part of their subscription.