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After five years of existence, the blog dedicated to combat sports stops.

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To conclude on a mixed record of French judo at the Olympic Games would have been an absolute sadness. Fortunately, the rain of medals, including the two titles won by Emilie Andeol (+78 kg) and Teddy Riner (+100 kg) Friday, August 12, allowed France to finish the competition in apotheosis and to be in good position in the world ranking. Second behind the inexhaustible Japan, with 12 medals (including three titles), the French clan was able to avoid the Berezina. Better, he almost reached his goal of winning three titles. The tri-color judo still has good days in front of him and that’s good.

Medalists or not, it does not really matter. The underperformance of Gévrise Emane or Loïc Pietri in Rio, the early retirement of a Ugo Legrand or a Morgane Ribout will not erase the record, the greatness of soul of these fabulous judokas that will remain in our memory collective. The emotions they have managed to get us for so many years are far more important than a charm, even Olympic. And then, tears as much as smiles are an integral part of a champion’s career. You have to know how to accept it. For five years, all these mixed stories, dreams, difficulties and doubts that we have tried to transcribe through the 270 articles published on Au Tapis.

In this space, it has often been about judo. And for good reason, black belt 2 e dan, its head in better mastered the subject. If we have covered many other disciplines such as karate, sambo, boxing, kendo or MMA, many of you would have liked us to be more interested in these disciplines. We missed time, that’s all.

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The idea of ​​this blog sprang up in the aftermath of the judo world championships in Paris in 2011. Convinced by the great audiences gathered during this competition, the managers wanted to create a space specially dedicated to martial arts, a set of under-mediated disciplines. A real challenge. For the first time, a place entirely dedicated to combat sports would be hosted by a large general information site. The launch of this “media” in October 2011 was already a revolution in itself. Scheduled to last until the London Olympics in 2012, Au Tapis reinvented the kimono for an Olympiad, convinced by the ever-increasing attendance figures. In five years, more than four million readers have visited this blog. We thank them.

Our guideline? Out of the only result, do not get into the game too easy AFP dispatches, go on the field, move to give reading. See to give to see. The black and white photographs, already identified in the founding project of Au Tapis, have been a great success. The absence of colors perfectly illustrated our desire: to respect a certain label, to highlight the values ​​inherent to all combat sports.

After having had the good fortune to blacken the columns of this blog, the time has come for the author of these lines to leave a blank page. We hope that this small void will soon be filled by other passionate journalists who would like to embark on the adventure. Because the material is great and there are still many beautiful portraits, beautiful stories to tell. Above all, the intrinsic values ​​of combat sports are precious, more essential than ever in a world in a state of loss. Because as we wrote at the beginning of the adventure, they allow to “build men” . All practitioners know it well. And in five years, this observation is still relevant.