After tax suspension, gas prices still high: AAA says blame oil prices

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — On June 1, New York State suspended the excise tax on motor fuel and diesel. On Monday, some gas stations were a little lower, with some climbing even higher — gradually approaching the $5.00 mark for a gallon of regular fuel. The average price in Rochester is $4.79, down 10 cents from last Monday.

Valerie Puma with AAA says you might see a fluctuation in prices at the pump, and it all depends on current oil prices.

“When the current price of oil goes up, gasoline prices at the pump will go up immediately after,” Puma says.

Like Monday’s cost of nearly $120 a barrel. Prices will remain until supply is exhausted. “And then once we get to that cheaper type of fuel and we see the New York State sales and excise taxes, that rebate there, that’s when we’re going to start to see those prices really come down,” she said.

Uber driver Marcus Birdsong says he’s waiting. “I find a few cheap places, you know, and I try to stick with when I find them,” he says.

Raymond Goulet says the solution is right under our feet. We simply need to drill and release the natural resources in the United States again. He was not a fan of former President Donald Trump, but said, “We had oil in the United States, he used what was available. What was the gas? $2.15? We have more than doubled the price.

Nick Minnoe says he thanks Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war on Ukraine for the high prices. “There’s a lot of conflict and stuff, so it’s affecting a lot more than us from what I’ve seen, so I can’t imagine it ending anytime soon,” he says.

Puma says make no mistake. High gas prices and the reasons behind them are a global problem right now. “It’s definitely multiple variables,” she says.

AAA says the European Union is set to ban 90% of Russian oil imports by the end of this year, raising crude prices on market concerns. Additionally, China’s lifting of COVID-19 related restrictions in Shanghai has led to increased demand and storage levels are approximately 13.5% lower than a year ago, which also contributed to the price increase.

AAA says to save fuel, avoid rush hour travel, use cruise control when possible, and avoid driving with heavy loads. The New York State excise tax suspension runs until December 31.

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