Akbayan calls for fuel subsidy against rising oil prices

October 20, 2021 at 11:44 AM

“Apply the brakes to rising oil prices. “

That was Akbayan Partylist’s call to the government in response to eight weeks of uninterrupted increases in fuel prices, as he lobbied for motorists to subsidize fuel by relaunching the Pantawid Pasada program.

“Kailangan which is used to prepare and prepare gasoline. Keep control and protect the fuel subsidy, ”Akbayan’s first candidate, Perci Cendaña, said.

Akbayan said the steadily rising fuel costs are already a burden on motorists and are having effects that will spill over into other aspects of the lives of ordinary Filipinos.

“In the midst of a pandemic, it will make life even more difficult and push more people to despair. The government should step in and immediately reactivate and expand the Pantawid Pasada program to ease the burden, ”Cendaña explained.

Pantawid Pasada is a subsidy program first implemented in 2011 under the administration of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III as part of a contingency plan to provide targeted relief to the public transport sector in order to mitigate the impact of high fuel prices on drivers and consumers.

It was reported that over the two months diesel fuel costs increased by a total of 8.65 P per liter. Since the start of 2021, diesel has seen a net increase of 18 P per liter. The two-month rise in gasoline prices now stands at 7.20 pesos per liter. Gasoline has increased by a total of 19.70 pesos per liter since the start of the year.

Regular diesel is now P44.85 to P69.05 in northern Luzon, P41.60 to P61.27 in southern Luzon, P46.80 to P64.95 in the Visayas and P46.10 to P70.65 in Mindanao. Unleaded gasoline is now P51.45 to P79.80 in northern Luzon, P50.87 to P73.09 in southern Luzon, P54.75 to P73.96 in the Visayas and P53.00 to P74 .85 in Mindanao.

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