Anakpawis party list urges Congress to hold special session to deal with rising oil prices

By Billy Begas

The Anakpawis party list on Monday called on lawmakers to “decisively perform the patriotic act” and hold a special session to deal with rising oil prices.

National Anakpawis President Ariel Casilao has called on incumbent lawmakers to repeal provisions relating to excise duties and Value Added Tax (VAT) on petroleum products and to repeal the Petroleum Deregulation Act altogether .

Excise tax and VAT impose a surcharge of 13 to 17 pesos per liter on gasoline and diesel products, based on the Tax Reform Act for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) and the extended VAT law.

Casilao added that in March, jeepney drivers incurred additional fuel costs of 8,000 to 20,000 pesos per month, farmers for land preparation and irrigation more than 8,000 pesos, and fishermen of 3,800 pesos for their 16 days of fishing in a month. .

At the same time, Casilao urged local governments to implement financial aid of 10,000 pesos to the affected economic sectors to support the workings of production.

“The national government is hopeless with its token help in fuel vouchers, made worse by the monthly insulting P200 ‘limousines’. We call on local governments to take up the noble task of helping their affected constituents avoid the catastrophic crisis of displacement and unemployment, and its consequences of deepening poverty and hunger of poor families,” Casilao added.

Anakpawis revealed that he is preparing for more mass actions in the coming weeks.

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