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Online professionals protested against closure of online money transactions online professionals At the same time, the bank’s boycott program has been announced simultaneously after paying extra money in the name of the service charge. The campaign has been running online since last few days.

It has been learned that, in fact, the freelancers have announced the program through a facebook event, due to the absence of proper service including the extra charge of BRAC Bank.

These freelancers associated with outsourcing in various online marketplace have created an event on Facebook by name ‘BRAC Bank Boycott Program’ together with online questions.

It has been said in the event, “Online balance will be seen online since the 30th of every month, can not be traded online !!!! Therefore, we will boycott BRAC Bank simultaneously by online professionals and another bank should choose between each so that it can be freely traded with each other. ”

Those who organized the program said, “And this can not be done in the bank, because the annual card charge is Rs 690 + service charge 345 taka + Sms charge is 230 taka + hardware 1150 taka + software 172 taka. It is not possible for us to pay so much money to the poor. ”

In this regard, they expressed widespread anger when contacted by various customers receiving online services.

Many of them have been talking on phones, Facebook and e-mails, as per the new rules of BRAC Bank, its subscribers will not be able to make transactions online anymore from the date of this month. Apart from this, customers will have to pay an ATM card of Tk 690 per year. Of this, the service charge is 345 taka. It is not the end here, the charge for card PIN number will be Tk 1,150 and the software charges @ 172 will be charged.

Apart from this, customers complain about additional annual charges, not depositing money in the branch under 50 thousand, online transaction limit etc.

BRAC Bank’s boycott of this rule by annoying subscribers by opening the Facebook page on November 8 announced the boycott. From then on Monday morning, 620 people joined the event. On the event page, some people said that the bank is a vampire bank.

On the Facebook page, a person named Rifat Nabi writes,

“BRAC Bank’s Fatarama should have the limit. Token for software tokens?? Do you know what you are going to the bullock! I own two accounts, I will close both. ”

An IT entrepreneur said, many branches of Dhaka are not receiving deposits under 50 thousand rupees. Many reasons have lost confidence in this bank for many reasons. They are imposing unreasonable fees in the name of providing services, while cutting off the money without giving any notice. ”

Freelancer Rafiqul Islam Sajib said that he has been confessed to working with BRAC for three years. he says,

“A few days ago, a new kind of service charge, called the city charge, was not there when we did the account. If we now send money from one district to another district, then we have to pay extra charges. Now there is a continuation of looting in the name of additional security. ”

According to him, the Internet Bank users are informed in one mail – the device will be collected by charging the fixed amount of money. Those who have collected the devices after a certain time will not be able to send money online, as well as to pay for smartphone apps. A long time user commented on this as a blackmail.

On Facebook, a person named Habibur Rahman Firoz said that the customer started the bank SMS service without considering the amount of money, which cost an extra 200 taka a year.

Firoze also said, during accounting 6 years ago, there was no charge for the transfer of money. But now if it is less than a hundred thousand rupees from one district to another district, it is cut to Rs 57, more than 150 rupees cut. It’s just a kind of fraud.

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