Biden ‘has no intention of meeting Saudi crown prince at G20’

With US-Saudi relations strained again over Riyadh’s recent support for oil production cuts, US President Joe Biden is not planning a meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman when the Group of 20 countries industrialized countries will meet in Indonesia in the coming days. , White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Friday.

Sullivan made the remarks to reporters as Biden left the COP27 UN climate change summit in Egypt for the annual US-ASEAN summit and East Asia summit in Cambodia, before attending at the G20 meeting in Indonesia starting on Sunday.

Biden met the crown prince in July. Months later, the Saudi Arabia-led OPEC+ cartel cut oil production, dealing a blow to the Biden administration’s efforts to contain domestic gas prices and inflation.

Earlier in the week, Biden raised questions about Saudi Arabia’s acquisition of a stake in Twitter, saying Elon Musk’s ties to foreign countries “deserve consideration.”

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Biden’s efforts at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit are aimed at laying the groundwork for his highly anticipated meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping – Biden’s first face-to-face meeting with President Xi Jinping. a leader whose nation the United States now regards as the strongest economic and military rival.

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