Cabinet welcomes U.S. commitment to support Saudi Arabia

Riyadh — The Cabinet, chaired by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman, at Al-Yamamah Palace here on Tuesday, commended the President of the United States for expressing the United States’ commitment to supporting Saudi Arabia in its defense of its lands and citizens and to meet the demands of Saudi Arabia. defensive needs.

The American commitment included an increase in joint efforts to preserve security and stability in the Kingdom and the region.

The Cabinet also affirmed that the Kingdom is committed to defusing tensions in the region and supporting US efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and stressed the need to work together to counter the destabilizing activities of Iran’s proxies in the region.

At the start of the session, the Cabinet was briefed on the contents of recent appeals received by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince from leaders of a number of countries, who reviewed the relations and ways to support and strengthen them in all areas so as to serve common interests and ensure regional and global security and stability.

In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Acting Media Minister Dr. Majid Bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi said the Cabinet has considered a number of issues and developments in various fields. He welcomed the condemnation by countries and regional and international organizations of the hostile attack targeting travelers and civilian workers at Abha International Airport.

He claimed that it was an attempt to violate international law, war crimes and continued hostile approach of the Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militia, representing its refusal to comply with the calls for peace.

The Cabinet reiterated Saudi Arabia‘s commitment to achieving a comprehensive political solution in Yemen in accordance with the references of the Gulf Initiative and its executive mechanisms, the outcomes of the Comprehensive National Dialogue Conference and UN Resolution 2216. United Nations Security Council.

The Cabinet underscored Saudi Arabia‘s efforts to ensure security and development in Yemen and to continue providing humanitarian assistance to the Yemeni people and rebuilding the country.

The Cabinet was briefed on a number of issues on its agenda and approved Saudi Arabia’s accession to the International Agreement for Olive Oil and Table Olives, 2015.

It approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology of Oman in the field of communications, information and mail.

The Cabinet also approved an agreement between the government of Saudi Arabia and the government of Qatar in the field of air cargo services.

It approved a memorandum of understanding between the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence and the Information and Electronic Government Authority in Bahrain regarding the activation of the health passport to verify that passengers from Saudi Arabia, Bahrainis or residents in either country via King Fahd Causeway meet the health conditions. conditions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

He amended the (fourth) article of the King Abdulaziz City Regulations for Science and Technology regarding the formation of the city’s governing council. It also approved amendments to the Lawyers Regulations regarding the license to practice the profession of lawyer and the organization of the authorization for the foreign law firm to practice the profession in Saudi Arabia.

He authorized the guideline for an agreement between Saudi Arabia and other countries regarding mutual encouragement and protection of investments, and allowed the Minister of Investment to talk to any country with which the Saudi Arabia intends to sign a relevant agreement.

The cabinet said that the Minister of Finance will issue the necessary licenses for the D360 bank – which is in the process of being established – in accordance with point (three) of the banking supervision regulation. He also approved that the State continue to cover the seasonal labor visa costs for the Hady & Adahi project for the 1443 Hijri Hajj season. — SPA

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