Careless attitude of company staff when laying the pipeline in Kaithal: The Tribune India

Kaithal: The digging of roads in various localities of the town of Kaithal to lay a gas pipeline by a private company has become a major irritant for residents due to the reckless attitude of company staff. During the digging operation, the water supply pipes had been damaged, which had a negative impact on its regular supply. Underground telephone cables were also cut in some places. The administration should take note and act against the gas company. Satish Seth, Kaithal

The door represents a danger to passers-by

Ambala: Said photo was clicked on the location of HSVP door 6, sector 9. The support spikes of said door fell during a storm, which occurred two days ago, posing a serious threat. Any other storm can cause physical harm to anyone. No official from the HSVP or the municipal corporation went to the scene to take stock of the situation. Gian P Kansal Ambala City

Impose a heavy fine on dairy owners who release cattle on the roads

Hisar: Hisar Nagar Nigam has been sincere in his efforts to free the city from stray animals. So far, the nagar nigam has waged four campaigns to capture them. Unfortunately, efforts have been hampered by dairy cow owners who let their cattle roam freely in the towns and city roads. When these are captured by the nigam staff, the owners release them after paying an easy fine. The provision of a heavy fine must be made, then only the problem can be mitigated to a large extent. Baljeet Singh Deep, Hisar

“Superfluous” charges on the electricity bill called into question

Panchkula: The domestic electricity bills currently issued by the UHBVN include several charges (a) fuel surcharge adjustment, (b) meter service charges, (c) electricity charges and (d) municipal tax, in addition to the usual electricity consumption charges based on the slab. However, there is no rationale behind the imposition of all of these “superfluous” charges. Do residents not currently pay property tax to municipal authorities? So where is the case for the additional municipal tax levy on electricity consumption here? Incidentally, the Chandigarh administration has already suppressed the perception of the fuel surcharge adjustment. May the administration of Panchkula come to the rescue of its hapless inhabitants who are forced to pay such meager fees under their noses. Kumar Gupt, Panchkula

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