Dear John Kerry, African oil belongs to Africa. So shut the F**K UP

Africa has started to understand the importance of self-sufficiency following the global protectionism caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the crisis caused by Europe’s overwhelming dependence on Russian energy has only served to motivate African nations to begin shifting their allegiances away from the West.

The conditions are in place for Africa to prove its worth to the world. Due to the current geopolitical climate, marked by strong global demand for gas and oil and soaring prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the resource-rich African continent now has an opportunity to position as a substitute gas supplier for the world. And the continent spares no effort to seize this golden opportunity.

Recently, Central African countries, including Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Gabon, Chad, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo, announced the establishment of a regional network of pipelines and gas pipelines. These African nations are either oil producers or have vast untapped oil and gas reserves, but depend on imports of refined products. Thus, the proposed gas pipeline network would serve as a means to enhance their energy security and progress towards economic self-sufficiency. It will also reduce their dependence on refined petroleum products imported from the West. According to project documents reviewed by Reuters, the project aims to build three international oil and gas pipelines totaling about 6,500 km, storage facilities, liquefied natural gas terminals and gas-fired power plants connecting 11 countries by 2030.

(Source: Pipeline and gas journal)

Additionally, oil-rich countries like Uganda and Tanzania are also trying to become worthy exporters of oil and gas. As such, Uganda and Tanzania are constructing the East African Crude Oil Pipeline Project (Eacop), which stretches 1,443 km (896 miles) from Lake Albert in the west from Uganda to the Tanzanian port of Tanga on the Indian Ocean.

The West is trying to hinder Africa’s progress

When Africa speaks of economic independence and energy self-sufficiency, the West, for strange reasons, is offended and feels slighted. The West still views Africa as a slave who is not meant to harm its masters by any of its actions.

Recently, US climate envoy John Kerry “warned” against investing in long-term gas projects in Africa. This comes after African countries expressed their willingness to explore the feasibility of their oil and gas fields, as mentioned earlier.

Kerry told Reuters on Thursday: “We’re not saying there’s no gas.” The US official added: “What we are saying is that over the next few years gas will replace coal or oil”, adding that gas can be used as a transition to cleaner energy sources .

Make no mistake, under the guise of raising environmental concerns, the United States is trying to impede Africa’s rise. The West would never benefit from an assertive Africa. The enslavement of Africa served as the foundation for the wealth of Western nations. The rapid development of the so-called developed countries was invariably based on what André Gunther Frank called the “development of underdevelopment” of poor countries throughout the world and in particular Africa and more specifically sub-Saharan and Eastern Africa.

The predatory tactics of Western multinational corporations have prevented developing countries in Africa from reaping the economic benefits of their own natural resource wealth, ultimately undermining their efforts to pursue emancipatory economic and social development policies. To paraphrase Malachy Postlethwayt, Western trade is a magnificent superstructure on the foundations of Africa.

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And, it is ironic that John Kerry is preaching about climate change in the very African countries that have regularly witnessed incidents involving his country’s dumping of hazardous waste.

John Kerry Says South Africa Climate Deal Progress Depends on Ramaphosa - Bloomberg
(Source: Bloomberg)

Frankly, climate change and the green agenda are just Western propaganda tools aimed at entrenching misery and poverty in the resource-rich African continent. It violates the most basic human rights of Africans by denying them access to a better economy, the opportunity to live a better life, and the right to rid their nations of diseases young Europeans have never even heard of!

African political and economic systems have always been dictated by global political and economic systems. Simply put, strategic independence remains a luxury for almost all African nations. However, they are now retaliating against the condescending and paternalistic attitude of Western nations. African countries are aware of the value of self-determination and self-sufficiency in the contemporary political-economic environment. A pan-African struggle against neo-imperialism is being prepared. Rest assured, Africa’s rise cannot be thwarted by the John Kerrys of the world.

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