Did Macron just accuse Biden of blowing up Nord Stream pipelines

Europe’s top leader, French President Emmanuel Macron, has suggested the EU begin a coordinated effort to ensure the safety of undersea gas pipelines. The proposal was made after Nord Stream pipelines experienced a fourth gas leak following severe pressure drops late last month. Macron said the European Union must come up with a plan to safeguard vital infrastructure.

Who is behind the sabotage?

As details are revealed, it becomes increasingly clear that the United States was involved in the sabotage of the two Nord Stream pipelines. According to data from Flightradar24, on September 1, 2 and 3, a US Navy Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk helicopter spent hours hovering over the region of ruptured natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea near Bornholm. Additionally, Joe Biden himself said in February that he would end Nord Stream 2.

Moreover, since this time last year, the United States has sent more gas to Europe than ever before. This will be evident after seeing the graph below. By selling its LNG to Europe at spot prices, the United States has earned billions of dollars. Only a regulatory barrier obstructed the flow through the pipeline before this sabotage. The need for Europe to restart pipelines was becoming increasingly evident as it struggled to avoid deindustrialization, recession and cold winters. If the pipelines had resumed, the trajectory of the Ukrainian war would have been different and Europe would have been spared its suffering. The United States can now breathe a sense of relief because both pipelines have suffered significant damage and they would be able to maintain their market and capitalize on the war.

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Macron accuses Biden

French President Emmanuel Macron at a press conference after the informal EU 27 summit and meeting within the European Political Community in Prague made a proposal. He said, “We need to protect our key infrastructure. We saw this a few days ago with the attacks on Nord Stream 1. We have the key infrastructure, the critical infrastructure which concerns the EU and the other European countries, the gas pipelines, the satellite cables. We need a European strategy to protect them, and this is a common policy, it is not only the business of the EU but of all the countries represented around this table. The explosions near the pipelines were confirmed by a Swedish security service investigation into the Nord Stream terror attacks, which ended on Thursday. This increases the likelihood that sabotage was involved.

Macron said the proposal had already been made to a few countries. He continued“We have proposed to a number of countries with gas infrastructure in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to launch a coordinated operation, which we do regularly, to ensure the safety of the infrastructure, as well as to establish more frequent of these.”

Macron realizes that sabotage is a blow to Europe before Winters. Therefore, he no longer wants to risk the pipelines that deliver energy to Europe. Another sabotage can be a source of great chaos among the public and lead to civil wars. And, as the evidence suggests the US is behind it all, he didn’t go to NATO for his security, but instead asked the European Political Community to protect his infrastructure.

Moscow called these events acts of international terrorism and sabotage. Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed attacks on Europe’s energy infrastructure were planned and hinted that the United States and Britain were behind the blasts. The events are considered potential acts of international terrorism by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office.

Macron realizes who is behind the sabotage and therefore does not want to risk it for others. Furthermore, fearing that a similar fate awaits Norwegian pipelines, the Norwegian Prime Minister announced that the country would deploy its troops to protect its oil and gas facilities from possible sabotage.

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Therefore, Norway realizes that it may be the next target of the United States. And if that happens, the United States will eliminate its main competitor in Europe. Norway understands the US conspiracy and does not want to risk harm to its oil and gas facilities.

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