Gas pipeline works hit roadblock in Mysuru

By Prakash VL

The delay in the payment of fees by a company that digs roads to lay pipes is slowing down the project

The pipeline operates in Mysore sparked a political battle within the BJP. BJP MP Pratap Simha was opposed to the locals Nagendra MP and the two sides had traded barbs with each other over the permitting of a gas pipeline to Mysuru.

Simha fought for the pipeline, saying it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet project and that the piped gas would help the Mysureans. However, Nagendra argued that the laying of the pipeline would destroy the newly laid roads and therefore permission should not be granted. Finally, Simha won the first round of battle as permission was granted for the laying of the pipeline. However, the latest news from Mysuru is that pipeline works are stuck in limbo.

The work was interrupted due to late payment by the company responsible for digging the road.

The contractor had to pay Rs.10 crore to Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) for granting permission to lay a pipeline over 45 km of road. As the pipeline work needed to be extended, the MCC demanded more money. Thus, for the time being, MCC has asked the contractor to stop the work.

An official from the contractor’s company said, “We had started digging works in the Hebbal industrial zone and started laying gas pipelines on the ring road. We have already paid Rs.10 crore for the laying of a pipeline on a 45 km road running under wards 20, 47 and 3. We have already installed meters in a few houses which have accepted the gas connection. Now we have asked permission to dig an extra length of road. However, officials are asking for additional money for every additional three kilometers. We again asked for permission but it was not granted and the work was therefore stopped.

Initially, the company planned to provide a 500 km long pipeline to Mysuru. But now it is extending the pipeline to all routes and the pipeline is expected to be extended to a length of about 800 km.

We gave them the opportunity to install the pipeline in a phased manner. Since they didn’t pay the cost of installing the new pipeline, we didn’t allow it.

–Shivakumar, Mayor of Mysuru

The official said, “We are installing a 45 km long gas pipeline in the city. In the remaining places, work will continue after obtaining permission from the company.

Reacting to this, Mayor Shivakumar said, “We gave them the opportunity to install the pipeline in a phased manner. Since they didn’t pay the cost of installing the new pipeline, we didn’t authorize it. When we receive the fee, we will grant the additional authorization. »

The gas pipeline will be installed in 65 districts of the city covering a total of 800 km of gas pipeline. This also includes a 27 km pipeline on Ring Road. –

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