Gas production and supply: results over 11 months

According to preliminary data, Gazprom produced 467.6 billion cubic meters of gas in January-November 2021, 14.7% (or 60 billion cubic meters) more than the same period last year.

Gazprom increased its domestic supplies from the gas transmission network by 15.8% (or 30.4 billion cubic meters) during the said period of 2021.

The company increased its gas exports to countries beyond the former USSR to 171.5 billion cubic meters, which is higher than the figure for the same period of 2020 by 6.6% (or 10 , 6 billion cubic meters).

More specifically, Gazprom increased its gas supplies to Turkey (+ 83.7%), Germany (+ 16.8%), Italy (+ 19.5%), Romania (+ 221.8%), Serbia (+ 85.8%), Bulgaria (+43.8 percent), Poland (+ 7.5 percent), Greece (+12.2 percent) percent), Slovenia (+53.9 percent) and Finland (+9.1 percent).

Based on the results of the second half of November, consumers like Greece, Slovenia, Switzerland, North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have now joined the list of countries (Germany, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia) whose gas imports by Gazprom already exceed the totals for the year 2020.

China’s gas supply through the Power of Siberia pipeline continues to grow. As of November 2, supplies have exceeded Gazprom’s daily contractual obligations by more than a third each day, as requested by China. On November 21, the daily increase in supplies hit a record 35.8 percent.

According to Gas Infrastructure Europe, active gas inventories at European underground gas storage facilities were 23.4% (or 20.8 billion cubic meters) behind last year on November 29. More than 18% of the gas injected during the summer period has already been withdrawn from the installations. During the periods November 16-18 and November 23-25, daily gas withdrawal records from UGS European facilities were broken, setting historic records for those dates in many years of observation.

Gazprom continues to inject its gas into five European UGS facilities.

Inventories at Ukrainian UGS facilities are 38.7% (or 10.3 billion cubic meters) lower than last year and are already approaching the figure recorded at the start of the injection period.

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