Gazprom accuses Western Europe of gas shortage in EU

A spokesman for Russian energy monopoly Gazprom, Alexei Kupriyanov, said the latest natural gas shortage in Western Europe was the result of lack of bids, rather than Gazprom’s fault.

As Ukrinform reports with reference to Radio Svoboda, Kupriyanov said, speaking on one of the Russian TV channels.

“All the accusations against Russia and Gazprom that we deliver little gas to the European market are completely unfounded, unacceptable and false … And Gazprom should not be blamed. Better look at yourself in the mirror,” Kupriyanov said. .

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The director of Gazprom said that some customers, in particular those from France and Germany, have already fully received all of their annual contract volumes and, therefore, are no longer submitting bids for gas supply, while Gazprom reserves transmission capacity on the basis of existing offers, and not the other way around. about.”

“This year Gazprom delivered 50.2 billion cubic meters to Germany under contract, 5.3 billion cubic meters more than last year,” Kupriyanov said.

At present, said Kupriyanov, “according to available data, there is a reverse flow of physical gas from Germany to Poland and, apparently, to Ukraine – in the amount of 3-5 million. cubic meters per day “, the gas being taken from underground storage facilities in Germany.

According to the Gazprom spokesperson, in 2021, gas deliveries to Italy, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Denmark, Finland and Poland were larger than the previous year. Meanwhile, Europe, according to Gazprom, is managing the natural gas shortage by cutting supplies through the Yamal-Europe pipeline.

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