Gazprom approves feasibility study for pipeline from Russia through Mongolia to China

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom said on April 23 that the feasibility analysis for the Soyuz Vostok main gas pipeline construction project had been approved.

Gazprom carried out the analysis as part of the full feasibility analysis for the project to supply Russian gas pipeline through Mongolia to China, the Russian gas giant said in a press release. The Soyuz Vostok pipeline will become an extension of the Russian Power of Siberia 2 pipeline in Mongolian territory.

During the feasibility analysis, the basic technical and technological parameters of the project were established. These include the optimal route of the gas pipeline on Mongolian territory, the length and diameter of the gas pipeline, the working pressure and the number of compressor stations, Gazprom said, adding that the preliminary indicators reflect the profitability to be achieved during the Implementation. of the project.

As planned, the feasibility study for the Soyuz Vostok main gas line construction project, including a detailed breakdown of investment and operating costs, will be prepared before the end of this year. This is stated in the action plan of the Joint Task Force of Gazprom and the Mongolian Government. The feasibility study is being prepared by the special vehicle Gazoprovod Soyuz Vostok.

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