Gazprom reduces gas reserves in USFs across Europe so as not to increase gas transit through Ukraine – operator GTS


Despite the scheduled shutdown of the Yamal-Europe and Nord Stream 1 gas pipelines, as well as record price increases in European gas markets in July, Russian Gazprom has expressed no interest in Ukraine’s additional transit capacity and has started to reduce the reserves of its underground gas storage facilities in Europe.

This is according to the press service of the operator of the gas transit system of Ukraine (GRT of Ukrainian gas), reports Ukrinform.

It should be noted that during a 10-day repair period at Nord Stream 1 in Germany, EU countries ran out of more than 1.6 billion cubic meters of gas and 320 million meters additional cubes – due to the repair of the Yamal-Europe. gas pipeline.

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“In order to compensate Europeans for the lack of gas volumes and at the same time not to increase additional transit through Ukraine, Gazprom is reducing the volume of gas stored in its underground storage facilities (USF) in Europe. According to GIE data, Gazprom – the USFs operated currently have the lowest reserves in Europe, are located precisely in underground storage facilities controlled by Gazprom ”, said Serhiy Makogon, CEO of the Ukrainian gas GRT.

According to the CEO, Gazprom’s USF operator in Germany, Astora, today has a storage capacity rate of less than 13%, while other operators have an average of 63%. At the same time, the operators USF Astora and GSA, located in Austria, hold 14%, while the others hold 48%.

According to the head of the Ukrainian gas GRT, such measures of Russian society pursue two objectives – economic and political. This involves raising the price of natural gas and speeding up the commissioning of Nord Stream 2.

“Gazprom’s behavior has a negative impact on the European gas market and affects the economy of the whole region. In my opinion, the competent European Antimonopoly Authority should intervene. In addition, such a strategy pursued by the Russian company should be taken into account when certifying Nord Stream 2 ”, added Makogon.

As noted, Nord Stream 2 is a Russian gas pipeline under construction bypassing Ukraine. It is laid at the bottom of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. The sole shareholder of the project is OAO Gazprom.

In July, Germany and the United States reached an agreement under which the United States would not resist the completion of the pipeline, and Germany pledged to impose sanctions in the event of Russian aggression. against Ukraine, as well as to help Ukraine in energy transformation. .

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As noted, Nord Stream 2 is a Russian gas pipeline under construction, bypassing Ukraine. It is laid along the seabed of the Baltic Sea to connect Russia and Germany. The cost of the project is estimated at 9.5 billion euros. The sole shareholder is the Russian energy giant OJSC Gazprom.

On July 21, the US and German governments issued a joint statement outlining their position on the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The United States pledged to refrain from obstructing the completion of the pipe, while the Germany has pledged to impose sanctions on Russia in the event that Moscow carries out another act of aggression against Ukraine, and pledged its support for Ukraine in the energy transformation.

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