How to save with ‘Petty’, the Fuel Finder app

Petty is a new fuel finder app with real-time average fuel prices and built-in Siri search so you can find cheap gasoline while driving.

Petty gathers data directly from government sources in New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland and provides real-time average prices.

It also provides users with 90-day historical trend data, and app developer Zach Simone said these features are what sets the app apart.

“This is data that state governments don’t provide directly, which is why it’s not particularly common among other fuel applications,” he said.

Another key feature is its integration with Siri, which means you can ask for the best fuel prices while driving, which is rare among other fuel finder apps.

There’s also widget integration, showing fuel prices from your iPhone’s home screen.

“This feature has proven to be popular, and people like being able to add a widget for their favorite station’s price, or for the average price in their state, to their homescreen,” Mr. Simone said.

Push notifications are also expected to roll out later in 2021.

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Small cost of fuel finder app

Petty is currently only available for iPhone and costs AUD 4.49 per year in the App Store.

While others fuel pricing applications are free, Mr. Simone says Petty “is worth the few dollars in subscription per year asked for in the savings you will make by using it.”

The app also stands out for using fuel price data from government as opposed to crowdsourced data as seen on other apps.


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Petty currently has a 4.5 star rating.

What is the Petty Fuel Finder App?

Petty is a fuel finder app – currently available on iOS – developed and managed by one person: Zach Simone.

“Petty started as a spare time project a little over four years ago to develop my skills as a software developer. I was looking for something interesting to work on, and the government of New Wales South had just made fuel price data available, so I thought I was going to try and create an app with the price data available, ”he said.

“At the time, few apps used real-time data, and most other fuel price apps used crowdsourced data that is not as accurate as prices given directly by the government.

“It’s still a free time project, but to this day it’s still a fun challenge to do and has become my playground for some cool new app features that have been made possible over the years – things like Apple Watch apps, Siri Shortcuts, and Home screen widgets. “

Mr Simone also said that the name is the abbreviation for gasoline.

“A friend has since told me that they thought it was a tease against people looking for bargains on cheap fuel – calling them petty – but that was certainly not my intention,” did he declare.

When will Petty be available on Android and the Google Play Store?

“The first version of Petty, built in 2017, was also designed for Android … I would love to rebuild the Android app one day and make it available again, but until then I wasn’t just keeping the app available and not keeping it up to date with all the brilliant features iOS was getting, ”said Simone.

“Maybe once the notifications are released to iOS and there are fewer new features to cover, it will make sense to redo Android’s. No promises.”

How can motorists save on fuel?

“At the end of the day, knowing the price before you get to a station will lead to fewer surprises and hopefully allow you to refuel at the right time, which will save you money,” Mr. Simone.

“Other [Petty] features like the ability to set favorites and compare the price between two stations help you by showing you how much you will save by choosing one station over another, depending on the size of your car’s tank.

“We all know that the price of gasoline is following pretty clear trends, especially on the east coast of Australia. The greatest thing you can do is use an app like Petty to stay informed, see where we are in the price cycle, and make sure you’re refueling at the right time. “

Image Source: Zach Simone, Petty

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