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With margins likely to be tight and no candidate having come from the region, the plains of Liverpool are shaping up to be a key battleground in Upper Hunter’s next by-election. Nationals hold the seat only 5.12% over Labor on a bipartisan preference basis and only won 33.99% of the vote in the 2019 election. Several parties and independents are now imagining their chances of winning it , following the resignation of former national deputy Michael Johnsen. National candidate David Layzell, Jeff Drayton of the Labor Party and Sue Abbott of the Greens have all visited Quirindi in the past fortnight. One of the main issues they will need to tackle, if they hope to win over voters in the region, is the Hunter pipeline. Intended to connect to the Narrabri de Santos gas project, the pipeline is currently expected to cross farmland in the Liverpool plains, although landowners have opposed the project. In August last year, the Liverpool Plains Shire Council voted to divert the pipeline from private land. The Greens put their foot down and said that if elected they would do everything in their power to abandon the project. READ ALSO: “The gas is finished, it is completely finished and there is no price, they will not make money and they will actually have to look to the government for public funds and that is, in my opinion, criminal, “Ms Abbott said. Nationals and Labor have avoided using such aggressive language, Mr Drayton choosing his words very carefully given his party’s strong support for gas. ‘a solution must be found to ensure that the pipeline is completed, but does not encroach upon the property of opposing landowners. “If the community consultation says’ no’ then, like everything, we have to consider another route, “he said.” If the pipeline is important to us, and I understand that, then we need to look at other routes and how to get that gas to where we need it. ” So it might not be the only way, but maybe the solution.The cheapest way and maybe this is the way they want to say it, but it might not be the only way. ”Layzell spoke to community members during his visit to the area on Monday, April 19, and has since raised their concerns to Hunter Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd. Like his rival politically, he also raised concerns about the lack of serious community consultation so far. “We need to look at the route, we need to make sure the farmers on the ground are happy with it and the consultation process is done in its entirety, “he said.” At the moment I think there is a lot of work to be done with this and it is not a mistake to say that a pipeline can just go through people’s properties. However, he said he intended to speak to all parties involved in the case before taking a more assertive sta nce on the matter. Our reporters are working hard to provide local and up-to-date news. This is how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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