Iran seeks business ties with Russia’s Gazprom-Media

TEHRAN – Leaders of the Cinema Organization of Iran (COI) and the Farabi Cinema Foundation have visited Gazprom-Media to establish a partnership with the Russian holding company, the COI announced on Sunday.

COI Director Mohammad Khazaei and Farabi Managing Director Mehdi Javadi met with Alexander Zharov, Managing Director of Gazprom Media Holding, to discuss ways to collaborate on joint film projects and film distribution.

As a market leader in television, film, production and distribution, digital media, radio, print and advertising, Gazprom-Media shapes the Russian media industry.

Terrestrial TV channels such as NTV, Match TV, Match! Strana, TNT, TV-3, Friday!, Subbota, TNT4 and 2×2 work with Gazprom-Media, offering their viewers a wide selection of news, entertainment and sports content.

“There are close political and economic relations between Iran and Russia. We can use this opportunity to sign agreements to offer Iranian films on platforms working with Gazprom-Media,” Khazaei said during the meeting.

He lamented the lack of mutual agreements to prepare the ground for offering the countries’ film productions in each other’s countries, and said that Iran is ready to start collaboration in all areas related to the industry. cinematographic.

He noted that more than 100 feature films are produced in Iran every year and productions can be offered by Russian distribution companies.

He also announced a plan proposed by the Cinema Organization of Iran to establish a committee to study the basis for cooperation between the organization and Gazprom-Media. The committee will be based at the Farabi Cinema Foundation.

Javadi also said: “As a national organization, Farabi can be a reliable center to collaborate with Russian filmmakers, and we are ready to screen Iranian films across Russia as well as cooperate with Russian platforms offering movies”.

For his part, Zharov said that Gazprom-Media is eager to work with the Cinema Organization of Iran and the Farabi Cinema Foundation on joint film projects.

He also said the holding company is ready to adapt Iranian films for Russian broadcast.

Photo: Mohammad Khazaei (left), director of the Cinema Organization of Iran, and Alexander Zharov (center), general manager of Gazprom Media Holding, meet in Moscow.


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