Jouf, the capital of olive oil in Saudi Arabia

RIYAD: With futuristic games for all ages and a restaurant, cafe, and hookah lounge, Takenda is the all-new one-stop-shop for fun.

“We decided to create a family entertainment center but with a more futuristic digital approach, and from that point on we created Takenda,” Turki Al-Ahmadi, CEO of Takenda, told Arab News.

Located on Riyadh Boulevard, Takenda is leading the way in the future of entertainment in the region, bringing together various games and attractions for all generations.

Unlike any other entertainment center, Takenda combines activities for all ages under one center, so adults, teens and young children will never be short of activities to choose from.

“We can accommodate children from 2 to 17 years old. We have activities for all families, ”explained the CEO.

“The idea behind Takenda arose from a first meeting on the Riyadh season with the General Entertainment Authority. They told us that they needed something exceptional and unique, ”Al-Ahmadi said.

Pointing to the brightly lit Takenda building, Al-Ahmadi said, “Just three months ago, there was nothing here. We built it from scratch.

Takenda customers will be able to play a variety of games and earn points to claim a prize at the end of their visit. The CEO told Arab News that the prizes stored in the price center are shipped from London and include an assortment of Disney items.

When Arab News visited Takeenda, we saw a line of impatient visitors ready to visit the hookah cafe on the second floor, overlooking the boulevard.

Takenda is also set to open a karaoke restaurant connected to a game center that will provide guests with a perfect view of the boulevard.

“At the karaoke restaurant you can come in and dine. When the music starts you are given a microphone and if you are daring enough you can take the stage. If you are shy, you can sit still and sing, ”Al-Ahmadi explained.

Takenda has taken a futuristic approach to gaming and entertainment with a concept new to the region called the Immersive Room, a virtual reality space that makes visitors feel like they’re on a journey.

The new entertainment center aims not only to create memorable experiences for its visitors, but also to empower Saudis, with 15 of the 16 companies working in the building being Saudi and only one being an international company.

“The project manager is Saudi, the site manager is Saudi, the people who work here are Saudi,” Al-Ahmadi said.

“We want to show the world that the Saudis can do anything,” the CEO said.

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