Most localities with low to zero gas pressure

Rawalpindi: The government’s plan to provide natural gas to domestic users at least to prepare three meals failed because the natural gas supply to domestic consumers has disappeared from more than 80% of the city’s localities and cantonment areas . Long queues of people could be seen in all the “tandoors” and hotels to buy “Roti” and “Salan” here on Friday.

Consumers also face an artificial shortage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for three days. Traders also take full advantage of this situation and create an artificial shortage to increase the prices of raw materials. Traders sell LPG in “black” at Rs250 to Rs270 per kilogram.

The new problem is that there was no pressure in LPG compared to previous years. Resellers provide consumers with substandard products.

Meanwhile, loggers sell 40 kilograms of seasoned timber for Rs750 to Rs800. One kilogram of coal is available at Rs100 and 1 liter of kerosene at Rs200.

Mukhtar Shah, senior general manager of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) (Rawalpindi region), told ‘The News’ that they are trying to provide gas to all consumers at least three times a day to prepare gas. food. Consumers would face difficulties in December, January and February due to inclement weather. But, we will try to provide them with natural gas, he assured.

The areas of Shah Faisal, Shah Khalid, Adiala Road, Qasim Market, Misriyal, Chakra, Satellite Town, Jhanda, Mareer Hasan, Sher Zaman Colony, Munawar Colony, Mubarak Lane, Dhoke Juma, New Lalazar, Tahli Mohri, Defense Road, Saleha Street, Dhoke Kala Khan, Colony of Gulistan, Naik Alam, Dhoke Manga Khan, Colony of Kashmir, Gulshanabad, Bakramandi, Dhamyal, Colony of Quaid-e-Azam, Arya Mohalla, Tipu Road, Lalkurti, Tench Bhatta, Colony of Jan, Dhoke Ratta, Dhok Munshi, Rehmatabad, Dhoke Banaras, Sadiqabad, Muslim Town, Tipu Road, Raheemabad and several other localities are facing low to zero gas pressure.

Consumers in areas affected in the recent past have protested regularly in front of the office of Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) but to no avail. Protesters brandished slogans against the SNGPL and demanded the supply of full pressure gas.

The president of the Muttahidda Naanbais Welfare Association (MNWA), Muhammad Shafiq Qureshi, said the government was increasing the prices of domestic and commercial gas cylinders which were unaffordable for an ordinary man, he said. More than 30 percent of the Naanbais have left their businesses due to the rising prices of flour, drywood, LPG and the lack of natural gas, but our government is not taking the issues seriously, a- he denounced.

In chatting with ‘The News’, consumers across the board appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to provide them with at least the basics of life, like natural gas, electricity and water. . How could we survive without all of these basics of life, people wondered.

They also said they clashed every day for over three years.

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