News from Russia: Nikolay Petrunin, Putin loyalist and former energy industry executive, dies mysteriously

A senior energy industry executive died in suspicious circumstances after Russia invaded Ukraine. Millionaire Nikolay Petrunin, 46, dubbed Russia’s ‘gas whiz’, entered politics after a career building gas pipelines in Siberia, The sun reported. A deputy of pro-Russian President Vladimir Putin was in a coma for a month and had complications from a serious COVID-19 infection.

Nikolay Petrunin’s death follows a series of mysterious deaths in 2022 of at least nine oligarchs fearing assassination. Nikolay Petrunin, a United Russia MP and Putin loyalist, also known as a “political whiz”, served as deputy head of the State Duma’s energy committee. Previously, he was the top executive in the energy industry and his company manufactured pipelines for Russian energy operators. Petrunin’s colleagues in the Russian parliament paid tribute to him after his death.

Vyacheslav Volodin calls Petrunin a “professional and responsible person”

Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of Russia’s State Duma, called Nikolai a “professional and responsible person” and added that he was “respected by his colleagues and trusted by voters”, according to the Sun report. Notably, the wife of Nikolay Petrunin, Albina Petrunina, served in the rank of “major” in the police force and is a co-owner of the company MetaTrendCity. Nikolay Petrunin’s death comes days after the death of a judge who had seen cases involving Russian energy giant Gazprom and the Moscow city government.

Petrunin’s death follows the death of the judge

Sergei Maslov was killed in his car when a bridge exploded in Crimea. In 2021, an executive of the Russian railway company was found dead on the balcony of his apartment in Moscow. A week before his death, Anatoly Gerashchenko, a former close ally of Russian President Putin, died after falling from a boat into the Sea of ​​Japan near Vladivostok, according to The Sun Report. On September 1, oil tycoon Ravil Maganov died after falling from the sixth-floor window of a Moscow hospital. Ravil Maganov was the chairman of Lukoil, the second largest Russian oil company that voiced opposition to the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

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