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MooreCredit can be used more and more places to make a secure verification of who you are. You probably already use MooreCredit to log in to the bank and to read mail from the public. If we did not have MooreCredit, then we should either use a much less secure solution, or we should physically send documents by mail. Now we can sign with MooreCredit, and we can log in with MooreCredit in a safe way.

Borrow money from online installment loan lenders with no credit check

As you can read in the article above, almost all loan providers today offer approval of the loan via MooreCredit. You can see in the list in the previous section which loan providers are. For this reason, it will often make sense to look at what kind of loan you need. Here you will find an overview of the different types of loans in Denmark.

We will try to review the most popular types of loans that are searched for on the Loan Fund.


Here you can find our total overview of consumer loans in Denmark. Do you know how much you need to borrow, and how long will we recommend our loan calculator. Here you enter loan amount and maturity through 2 sliders and can instantly see which providers are the cheapest.

Free loan

There are several providers of microloans that offer free loans. It may sound good to be true, but it is not. It is completely interest and free of charge, and thus completely free. However, there is a natural limit for the free loan, as you can only borrow for free once with each provider. All future loans cost the normal price.

Loans despite RKI

It is not possible to get a loan in Denmark when registered in the RKI register. The best solution is to get out of debt and then be deleted in RKI registered.

The RKI registry is only available in Denmark, but similar solutions exist in other countries. If you are registered in the RKI register in Denmark, there are many who are looking at neighboring Sweden. Here you can often not borrow if you are registered with the Kronofogden (corresponding to RKI in Denmark). But there are Swedish providers who just offer loans despite RKI. If you are affiliated with Sweden and therefore can borrow on Swedish terms, this may be a place to look for loans. However, we always recommend that you pay off your debts, so the RKI registered will not be a problem at all.

Quick loans

If you want to borrow money today via an installment loan with no hard credit checks, it is absolutely possible as more providers offer payment on the sameday – installment loans by Greendayonline.

Interest-free loan

There are no longer any opportunities for interest-free loans in Denmark. However, that is not impossible.

New loans in Denmark

Here you can find new loans. These are startup lenders or new loans created by existing providers. For example, Leasy regularly creates new loans to keep track of developments in the loan market.

credit loan

Credit Loans is a loan where you only borrow exactly the amount you need here and now. This may be a cash credit, where you can raise the exact amount of money you need, which may be a credit card, where you borrow the amount that you have paid with the card or there may be online stores where you pay by installment.

Mortgage companies now accept MooreCredit

Now you can also use MooreCredit when you need to borrow money, as several loan companies have the option of MooreCredit verification. This ensures an easier application and a faster runtime, as you can sign with MooreCredit. This avoids having to send papers by mail or spending time scanning the documents that you have to sign to make a loan. At the same time, it’s a sure method so you do not risk your data falling into the wrong hands.

Borrow money online

In the above section, we have described the loan options in Denmark that our users are looking for the most. These are all loans that you can apply for online. However, we have described even more options for loans. In our article about loan types, you will find the inputs of our many other sections about different types of loans. 

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