Ofgem reveals list of suppliers with false renewable fuel blending claims

Ofgem today published a list of 20 energy suppliers who have “overestimated” the share of renewable electricity in their energy mix declarations (FMDs) for the period 2019-2020.

The energy regulator found that energy companies reported providing a total of 2,151,820 MWh of electricity in addition from renewable sources than was supported by their evidence.

Eleven suppliers were also identified as not having held sufficient Renewable Guarantee of Origin and / or Guarantee of Origin for their 2019/20 foot-and-mouth disease declarations.

Eighteen suppliers admitted their non-compliance and agreed to pay a total of £ 90,000 to the energy industry‘s voluntary recourse scheme.

The list includes energy suppliers who have left the market.

Suppliers who held insufficient REGOs and / or GoOs to support the proportion of renewable electricity they claimed to supply were Eneco Energy Trade BV, ESB Energy, Gazprom Energy, Green Supplier Limited, HUB Energy, Orsted, Outfox the Market, People’s Energy, Pozitive Energy, Sinq Power, Symbio Energy, Vattenfall Energy Trading and Yü Energy.

Suppliers who mistakenly used the UK Average Fuel Mix for their FMD declaration, by overestimating the proportion of renewable electricity supplied, were Ampower, Business Power and Gas Energy, Eco Green Management, Maxen Power, Northumbria Energy, Square1 Energy and Utility Point.

Responding to the announcement, Nigel Pocklington, CEO of Good Energy, said: “The eco-washed and certified energy tariffs are already a scandal for consumers. The revelation that vendors do not even hit the low bar of purchasing cheap certificates to support their claims is simply outrageous.

“Hundreds of thousands of home and business owners have tried to do their part to be greener and have been take advantage of. The energy market is not lacking in challenges right now, but that only makes customer protection more important. That these suppliers can get away with a voluntary £ 5,000 fine and a slap on the wrist is far from enough. “

Yesterday, Ofgem announced a package of reform measures aimed at strengthening the financial resilience of the sector.

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