Oncor closely monitors North Texas power lines as freezing weather sets in

Conditions in Dallas keep changing as it gets later.

So far, there have still been no significant power outages in North Texas.

Just over 2,100 customers without power in Dallas County. There are a handful in Denton, Tarrant and Collin counties.

Many North Texans have been anxious all week because of the power grid outage last year.

This time, Governor Greg Abbott and energy officials say they are better prepared.

FOLLOWING: Governor Abbott says ERCOT well prepared for winter storm; North Texans prepare for the cold

Oncor, which handles power delivery in North Texas, said Thursday’s biggest overnight concern was ice on trees and power lines.

How long we stick with freezing rain and how quickly it turns to sleet and snow will make a huge difference in whether people lose power.

Oncor has crews organized around the metroplex and as far west as Odessa and as far east as Tyler.

What to expect: Ice, sleet and snow in the forecast for DFW

More than 1,500 workers also came from Missouri, the Carolinas and Gulf States, including Florida.

ERCOT said we would hit peak power demand on Friday morning, but assured the public that there would be excess power even during peak demand.

Governor Abbott said on Tuesday he couldn’t guarantee power wouldn’t be purposely cut off in some places, but said any likely outages would be a direct result of the weather.

Oncor says it is closely monitoring how quickly areas change from rain to freezing rain, sleet and snow.

Be prepared: Tips for power outages, avoiding frozen pipes

“Ice on power lines is something we are concerned about. But we are also very concerned about ice on trees. You get a slight glazing of ice, even a tenth of an inch of ice on a tree, and that can add hundreds, literally hundreds of pounds of extra weight to a tree, causing those branches to sag. And if it’s windy, that wind can break a branch and luckily cause problems,” Jen said. Myers, meteorologist and spokesperson for Oncor: “Really, the most important part is the temperature. It’s going to make all the difference in the world. A temperature difference of one degree is the difference between a quarter inch of ice and inches of snow or a quarter inch of rain. “

Regarding the power grid, ERCOT says that almost all power plants that were required to pass weatherization inspections were able to do so.

The oil and gas industry did not have to meet weatherization requirements this year.

With freezing weather in West Texas, there are fears that gas pipelines could freeze. Natural gas is the main source of energy supplying power plants.

ERCOT, which does not regulate the gas industry, said a pipeline company would not deliver as much gas as expected. This will impact the North Texas region.

But in the worst case, that would be only a fraction of the energy available in the state.

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