Public Joint Stock Gazprom: EU unveils energy ‘toolbox’ as Putin denies manipulating gas prices

Brussels/Moscow October 13 (EFE) .- The European Commission on Wednesday presented his plan to deal with rising gas prices, as Russian president Vladimir Poutine denied that his country uses energy as a political weapon against Europe.

The price of gas has increased six-fold last year, while electricity on the wholesale market is twice as expensive.

Europe imports most of its gas from Russia, which has been accused of deliberately raising prices to exert political pressure on the EU to speed up approval of the new Nord Stream 2 pipes of Russia To Germany under the Baltic sea, which would bypass Ukraine, a key ally of the EU.

The Commission presented a ‘Toolkit for action and support’ to tackle rising energy prices that the EU can use to cope with the impact of soaring prices and strengthen the capacity of the EU. block to withstand any future shock.

“As we emerge from the pandemic and begin our economic recovery, it is important to protect vulnerable consumers and support European businesses,” said the Energy Commissioner. Kadri simson noted.

CE will help member states take ‘immediate steps’ to offset the impact on European households and businesses this winter and will also provide medium-term measures to ensure that the bloc’s energy system is’ more resilient and more flexible to withstand to any future volatility throughout the transition “.

Brussels insists that there is enough gas to get through the winter, as the reserves of European countries are 76% compared to the usual average of 90% for the season, and the pace of refueling is advancing rapidly.

The Commission is also convinced that the price peak will pass in April, when the Nord Stream 2 pipeline should start to operate.

Speaking at a forum at Moscow Wednesday, Vladimir Poutine denied that Russia used gasoline prices as a political weapon, dismissing the allegations as “political gossip” and accusing Europe so as not to store enough gas after a particularly cold winter.

“Over the past 10 years, systematic failures have been gradually introduced into the European energy system and this has led to a massive energy crisis,” Putin said. EFE

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