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Oil prices in the country are not falling because states do not want to subject fuel to the scope of the GST, Oil Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said.

In an interview with PTI here, Puri said oil prices crossed the 100 rupee mark in West Bengal as the TMC government levied heavy taxes.

“If your question is: do you want oil prices to go down, then the answer is yes. Now if your question is why oil prices aren’t going down, then the answer is because states don’t want to bring it down. TPS, ”he said.

“The Center charges Rs 32 per liter (as gasoline taxes). for these Rs 32 per liter, we are providing free rations, free housing and Ujjawala, among several other programs, to the population, ”he said.

Puri said the West Bengal government hiked prices by Rs 3.51 per liter in July, which brought gasoline to the milestone of the century.

“The combined taxation is around 40% here (West Bengal). It is very easy to make statements. If you (TMC government) had not increased the price by Rs 3.51 it would have been less than Rs 100 per liter. ” he said.

Puri was in Calcutta on Wednesday to campaign for the Bhabanipur poll in which Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is the TMC candidate against Priyanka Tibrewal of the BJP and Srijib Biswas of the CPI (M).

“If the outcome of the Bhabanipur by-election is a foregone conclusion, then why is the entire state cabinet campaigning there? We are confident about a victory, and post-election violence is a major issue in this election, ”he said.

Regarding political developments in Punjab, Puri said this reflects the “final decline” of Congress.

“This is certainly an indication of the final decline of the Congress party. I choose my words very carefully. In Bengal they fought with one group of allies. In Kerala they fought with another group of allies. They’re almost empty everywhere. In UP, where the Congress Party grew up, I don’t know who wants to partner with them, “he said.

“What is happening with the Congress in Punjab is a comedy and a theater of the absurd,” Puri added.

Advocating for the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the minister said the Afghan crisis has proven why it is necessary.

“When the legislation was conceptualized it was very clear that the minority community in our neighborhood would be facing a difficult situation,” he said.

“In the CAA, the deadline is 2014, and those who opposed it now say the deadline should be 2021. The CAA must deal with persecuted minorities who fear for their lives. philosophy, India as a country accepted refugees. Those who then opposed the CAA now look stupid, ”he said.

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