Russia faces ‘serious consequences’ if Putin uses nukes in Ukraine, UK FM warns

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly on Monday warned Russia of “serious consequences” if President Vladimir Putin chooses to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Cleverly warned that the leader of the Russian Federation was “exerting revenge” on civilians in Ukraine. He went on to say that Russia resorts to turning to low-income countries for arms to compensate for its “military failures”. Putin’s invading troops were targeting power plants and the Kremlin suspended the UN-brokered grain export deal because it suffered immense loss on the battlefield, Cleverly told Commons, according to the British broadcaster Sky News.

“The house will have noted Putin’s irresponsible talk about nuclear weapons and the absurd claim that Ukraine is planning to detonate a radiological dirty bomb on its own territory. No other country is talking about using nuclear. No country does not threaten Russia or President Putin,” James said. Cleverly said.

“He [Putin] must be clear that for the UK and our allies, any use of nuclear weapons would fundamentally change the nature of this conflict. There would be serious consequences for Russia,” added the British Foreign Secretary.

Russia suspends grain export deal over UK involvement in Ukrainian drone attacks

The Russian Defense Ministry earlier last week accused Britain’s Royal Navy of sabotaging the infrastructure of Europe’s twin 1,230km gas pipeline – the Nord Stream – which runs under the Baltic Sea from Moscow. British naval officers blew up Nord Stream gas pipelines last month, Moscow’s Defense Ministry said, saying they had evidence concluding an investigation. The Russian Defense Ministry directly accused the top NATO member of sabotaging the critical Russian facility. The UK Ministry of Defense has yet to issue an official response. “According to available information, representatives of the Royal Navy were involved in the planning and execution of a terrorist act in the Baltic Sea on September 26 to blow up the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines,” said the Department of Defense in a statement, citing evidence. The UK has refuted the allegations as baseless.

As Russia suspended the UN-brokered grain deal citing British Navy involvement in the drone attack on its Black Sea Fleet, the UK cleverly urged the Russians not to not hamper grain exports. “Over the weekend, Russia suspended its participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which has enabled the export of 100,000 tons of food every day, including to some of the world’s least developed countries. “said the British Foreign Secretary.

“Putin is taking revenge for his military failures on Ukrainian civilians by cutting off their electricity and water supply, and on the world’s poorest people by threatening their food supply,” he added. Additionally, Cleverly noted that more than 60% of the wheat exported from Ukraine under the UN-brokered Black Sea Grain Initiative was supplied to low- and middle-income countries, including Ethiopia, Yemen and Afghanistan. “It would be unconscionable for these lands to suffer because of Putin’s setbacks on the battlefield in Ukraine. I urge Russia to stop obstructing this vital initiative that helps feed the hungry around the world and accept its expansion .”

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