Saudi Arabia begins locating education jobs

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday began the first phase of locating educational jobs in private schools and international schools for boys and girls.

This corresponds to the decision of Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi last May.

According to Al-Rajhi’s decision, the Kingdom aims to Saudi Arabia a specific percentage of jobs and create 28,000 jobs for Saudis in a number of subjects in various phases of public education.

Saudization will be implemented in specific proportions over several phases over the next three years.

The first phase of Saudiization in international schools covers specializations such as Arabic language, national identity, Islamic studies, social studies, arts education and physical education.

The decision also aims to increase Saudiization rates in private schools in all disciplines, including mathematics, physics, biology, science and computer science.

The ministerial decision stipulated a grace period from the date of its issuance until the date of implementation of the decision in each phase. During the grace period, the institution can work to achieve its target Saudization rates.

A set of incentives and support will be provided to these establishments as part of the support to private sector establishments in employing Saudis.

According to the procedure guide for the Saudiization of private education, the percentage of Saudiization of a teacher will be calculated if his monthly salary registered with the General Social Insurance Organization (GOSI) is not less than 5,000 SAR for a holder of a license or its equivalent diploma.

Teachers receiving a salary of less than 5,000 SAR will not be taken into account in the Saudization percentage.

The decision aims to create 28,000 educational jobs for the country’s sons and daughters in private schools and international schools over the next three years.

The move is part of the ministry’s plan to bring Saudi Arabia and increase the opportunities available to Saudi men and women participating in the labor market and thereby contributing to gross domestic product (GDP).

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