Saudi Arabia executes Shiite accused of links to “terrorist cell”

The file photo shows protesters mocking a Saudi execution process during a protest outside the kingdom.

The Saudi authorities executed a citizen of the region of Qatif, in the eastern province of the kingdom, rich in oil and populated by Shiites, for alleged links with a “terrorist cell”.

The Saudi News Agency (SPA), citing the Interior Ministry, reported on Tuesday that the man, identified as Muslim bin Muhammad al-Muhsin from al-Awamia neighborhood, was also charged with participating in the murder. of a citizen and to own and manufacture a Molotov cocktail bomb in order to attack security personnel.

The SPA added that the terrorist cell had sought to destabilize the country’s internal security. The agency said the execution was carried out as punishment for al-Muhsin in the eastern province of Dammam. The kingdom “is sure to deter anyone seeking to undermine its security and stability, its citizens and residents,” the agency said, citing the Interior Ministry.

Saudi security authorities claimed to have arrested al-Muhsin after investigations proved he was involved in the crimes.

The execution decision was confirmed by the specialized Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of the country. However, a royal ordinance was issued to enforce the ruling.

In Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has led a crackdown on pro-democracy activists. In September, authorities executed a young man from Qatif for false allegations of terrorist activity.

The Saudi interior ministry said the national had “smuggled weapons to and from the kingdom and was part of a terrorist cell which aims to destabilize security in the country.”

Saudi Arabia has also stepped up arrests, prosecutions and politically motivated sentences of peaceful dissident writers and human rights activists, especially in the Eastern Province, which has been the scene of peaceful protests since February 2011.

Protesters are calling for reforms, freedom of speech, the release of political prisoners and an end to economic and religious discrimination against the oil-rich region.

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