Saudi Arabia, Italy, Indonesia and Colombia host G20 anti-corruption event at UN

JEDDAH: Within Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 agenda is a plan to address environmental issues and implement sustainable solutions. Over the past five years, the Kingdom has made great strides in ‘going green’ initiatives that include everything from recycling to waste management.

Earlier this year, five national environmental centers and an environment fund were approved by royal decree, as part of a national plan to regulate institutional structures in the environment sector, the climate change and sustainability being two of the biggest environmental challenges that Saudi Arabia faces.
Under the theme of “Restoration of the Generation”, Deputy Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, Mansour Al-Mushaiti, said the Kingdom will make great efforts to restore and protect ecosystems across various campaigns over the next decade.
The ministry has launched 17 initiatives to protect the environment, as well as develop meteorological services as part of the National Transformation Program 2020.
Al-Mushaiti added that work is underway to establish a center on climate change, in addition to stopping the cultivation of crops with high water requirements and the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies and saving water, among 64 other initiatives within the framework of the national strategy for the environment.
With the aim of becoming a zero waste city, the Municipality of Medina has partnered with Bee’ah, a United Arab Emirates company established in 2007 and considered one of the leading sustainable solutions companies in the Middle East, to provide waste management solutions.
With projects ranging from environmental consulting to renewable energy, technology, sustainable transport and training and development, Bee’ah has expanded into the Kingdom and won three contracts for waste management services in Medina. , covering 70 percent of the city and serving 1.2 million people. Services will include solid waste collection and transport services, disinfection and sanitation of bins, training sessions, workshops and awareness campaigns.

Kholud Al-Fadhli, director of Green Leaves PlayGroup, has been creating the world’s largest map from plastic bottle caps for 11 days and hopes to break a previous Guinness World Record of 250 square meters.

“We are proud that Bee’ah was tasked with deploying its world-class city cleaning and waste collection solutions for Medina last year, and we are developing a comprehensive roadmap for waste management services to to make Medina the cleanest city in the Middle East, “Mohamed Al-Hosani, CEO of Bee’ah KSA, told Arab News.
Al-Hosani said the Kingdom is making excellent progress in promoting sustainable development and protecting its environment.
Earlier this year, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the Saudi Green Initiative and the Middle East Green Initiative to cut carbon emissions by 60%, increase its energy capacity by 50% from renewable energy here 2030 and plant 50 billion trees in the Middle East. .
He said the Kingdom made a number of commitments under Vision 2030 and the G20 summit in Riyadh last year, outlining their approach to sustainability.


• Saudi Arabia ranks first in the world on the Species Protection Index.

• The Kingdom ranked first in the ‘Loss of tree cover’ index and the ‘Loss of wetlands’ index.

• Work is underway to establish a climate change center in the Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s leading provider of environmental sustainability solutions, Naqaa Solutions, has introduced a new sustainable product: The Reverse Vending Machine (RVM).
The RVM can be used to collect specific recyclables while providing incentives. Beverage containers alone occupy up to 50% of the capacity of a standard trash can, making the RVM ideal for schools, universities, shops, supermarkets and stadiums.
These compact machines are self-contained and accept all polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and aluminum containers. The RVM was created primarily to provide an easy way for the public to recycle, and was created in full compliance with European environmental guidelines to automatically separate and compact beverage containers.
“Now more than ever, Saudi Arabia, under ambitious leadership, is moving towards sustainability in all aspects, and environmental conservation is part of realizing the Saudi Vision 2030 and improving the quality of life, ”said Mouna Eusman, co-founder of Naqaa Solutions. Arab News.
“Our job in Naqaa is to follow (with) and accelerate the transition to a sustainable future in accordance with the plan drawn up by the government,” she added.
Kholud Al-Fadhli, director of Green Leaves PlayGroup, has created the world’s largest map from plastic bottle caps for 11 days and hopes to break a previous Guinness World Record of 250 square meters.
Caroline Chaptini created the world’s largest mosaic of bottle caps on May 30, 2020 in Miziara, Lebanon, measuring 196.94 square meters.
“It’s an exciting idea for the Kingdom to break this record,” she said, with more than half of the map already made up of nearly 300,000 multicolored bottle caps.
“With World Environment Day, I would like to highlight the importance of taking care of our Earth in so many ways. I chose to collect plastic, ”she told Arab News.
The idea came to her three months ago when she created a campaign to collect plastic bottle caps.
“It was for my circle of family and friends and suddenly the circle got bigger and it made me create a campaign to encourage people not to throw away their bottle caps, but to collect them. and send them to me as I try to break a world record by using that number of bottle caps to create a world map, ”she said.
“I wanted to challenge myself to finish this card. I told everyone it was a good deed to recycle and once I’m done with the card I’ll send all the bottle caps to Mawakeb Al-Ajer, a charity in Jeddah, where they will send them to recycling factories, and the factories benefit from their charitable programs. It’s a personal challenge; (a) environmental and charitable objective.

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