Stop oil and gas leaks in Niger Delta, representatives tell Agip

The House of Representatives called on the Nigerian Agip Oil Company to end the leakage of petroleum products from its pipelines.

The call followed the unanimous adoption of the motion at Thursday’s plenary session titled “Urgent need to reduce oil and gas leaks in pine forest in Niger Delta region”.

In particular, the Chamber called on the NAOC to “immediately ensure that the dangerous trend is stopped so as not to endanger the life and property of the students and the academic activities of the institution”.

In addition, lawmakers called on the company to “investigate and elucidate the immediate and remote causes of the leak in order to prevent future releases of hazardous substances into the environment.”

Parliament further called on the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency to “immediately visit the affected area and liaise with the company to stop the flow of pipelines to the neighborhood.”

The sponsor of the motion, Lucky Nnam-Obi, noted that the oil and gas industry is one of the main centers of economic activity in Nigeria, accounting for a high percentage of the country’s exports since independence. He added that pipelines are essential means of transporting crude oil in the country and therefore are strategically important for oil production.

According to the legislator, with the Oil Industry Law, a substantial percentage of pipelines are owned by international oil companies, including NAOC.

He said: “Nigerian oil company Agip has pipelines through Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku, Rivers State. The institution has faced severe environmental pollution resulting from leaks of oil pipelines and gas as well as in the school premises, causing tensions and dangers for students and citizens. The leaks are a combination of equipment failures and the work of vandals.

“The Chamber is concerned that crude oil and gas have leaked regularly into school premises and other agricultural land around the region recently without immediate action to address the leaks. Academic activities are almost paralyzed due to the spill of the pipeline belonging to the Nigerian Agip Oil Company.

“The attention of Nigeria Agip Oil Company has been drawn to this environmental disaster, but the reaction of the company has been slow and lethargic, as the lives of students and residents of the communities around the institution are seriously threatened.

Nnam-Obi added, “The House is concerned that if this disaster is not addressed urgently, the lives of the students and staff of the institution and the people of my constituency will be seriously threatened. The danger of the leak could potentially destroy the institution if the fire from the leaks ignites the school premises.

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