The Metropolitan Council of the capital is outraged by the natural gas crisis

PESHAWAR: The Capital Metropolitan Council witnessed a lively discussion on the natural gas crisis in Peshawar on Wednesday with calls from members to raise the issue with affected wards.

Members expressed their grave concern over the lack of Sui gas supply in most areas of the provincial capital when speaking at the council session.

They said the city had faced low natural gas shedding and low pressure issues since the winter, but the situation had now worsened as the majority of areas were without gas supplies the most of the time.

Angry members said the lack of gas supply had disrupted daily life and needed an urgent solution.

They asked Mayor Zubair Ali to raise the issue with the government, fearing that it could lead to a law and order situation if the issue was not resolved immediately.

Members expressed concern about the performance of various government departments and enterprises. They said the performance of Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) was very poor.

Members said the WSSP had never tackled cleanliness issues in the provincial capital, saying the company had neither the capacity nor the will to make the city clean.

They said WSSP officials received huge salaries, but the company’s performance fell short of expectations. A member of Sufaid Dheri, Muhammad Arif, said the government had established the Buildings Control Authority, which was a violation of the rights of the capital’s metropolitan government.

He presented a resolution to the council, demanding the abolition of the authority and handing over its affairs to the metropolitan government of the capital.

The mayor assured to address the gas crisis with the officials of Sui Northern gas Pipelines Limited.

He also ordered officials to launch a massive anti-encroachment campaign in the city and the cemeteries.

The mayor said a weekly cleanliness campaign would begin in the provincial capital next week. He asked all the presidents to work collectively for the development of the provincial capital.

The mayor said that all elected officials must sink political differences to work for the revival of the glory of the city.

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