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The plea comes after Mr Putin allegedly restricted the flow of gas to Europe. It would have done so as the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline awaits approval from German regulators in the hope of avoiding the implementation of EU law. The line connects Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea, bypassing Ukraine and Poland, and many hoped Biden would intervene to prevent it from being used as a “geopolitical weapon”.

And he signaled he would when he imposed sanctions on a Russian ship and two companies involved last year, but those sanctions were lifted in May.

Today, the boss of Ukrainian energy giant Naftogaz, Yuriy Vitrenko, said he was “confused” by this decision.

He told “There has been a lack of signs that the US side is ready to take on Russia and force them to behave, influence or change the situation.

“The problem with lifting the US sanctions was that it showed Putin that he could be above the law, and that he was allowed to intimidate Europe and get away with it.”

“We understand very clearly that allowing this project to continue to function when it is clear that it does not comply with European rules, when it is clear that Putin has been using gas as a weapon for some time – it is contrary to the statements of the United States government that they support the good things and fight the bad things.

Mr Vitrenko said he hopes to see action from Washington soon.

He added: “We felt confused, but we still hear that the US administration supports Ukraine, supports the values ​​of the western world supporting this fight for the free world, but of course we want to see actions in addition to these statements.

“We strongly believe that the US government needs to re-impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2, but we believe it is better late than never.

“This will send a signal to Putin that the West does not accept these kinds of deals.”

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This led to the ongoing conflict in Donbass, eastern Ukraine, between Russian-backed separatist forces and the Ukrainian military, leaving more than 14,000 dead and 24,000 injured.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky held a summit with envoys from more than 40 countries in August to call for the recovery of Crimea annexed by Russia.

Tensions are therefore already high and Mr Putin’s militarization of the pipeline threatens to increase the likelihood of a new conflict.

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