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The likely next leader of the federal Conservative Party crossed the Okanagan on Friday.

Pierre Poilievre, who garners around 50% of the Conservative polls, met with party loyalists, local MPs and business leaders before leaving for Vancouver.

Poilievre took a few minutes Friday to speak with Castanet News about some of the issues facing Okanagan residents and Canadians.


Poilievre says inland communities are facing housing challenges in part because larger communities like Vancouver are doing a poor job of building new homes, driving up prices and people looking for greener pastures .

He said $650,000 of the cost of each housing unit in Vancouver goes to government paperwork alone.

“I’m going to demand that large, overpriced metropolitan centers remove gatekeepers, build more houses as a condition of getting their full amount of infrastructure money. The number of dollars the city of Vancouver gets in infrastructure money will be tied to the number of houses the town hall allows to be built,” he said.

“I will also be selling 15% of the 37,000 federal buildings we have in our inventory…many of them are almost empty. Then we also need to lower taxes for workers and entrepreneurs to encourage and stimulate more investment.”

Poilievre says the federal government doesn’t need to pump billions into a federal housing program, but rather needs to ensure that builders can get affordable permits to build more homes.


Poilievre believes the runaway inflation Canadians are feeling today is caused by the same factors that caused inflation in the 1970s — a government that ran huge deficits and raised taxes.

“Half a trillion dollars in Liberal deficits sent more money driving up the prices of goods. Liberal taxes increase the cost of producing those goods. The more Trudeau spends, the more things cost. That’s the Justin -flation. We need to get back to common sense,” Poilievre said.

“I will pass a law capping government spending so that we can get rid of the inflationary deficit. I will get rid of the federal carbon tax mandate so British Columbians don’t have to pay a 200% carbon tax increase.

“I will remove the red tape so that our businesses and our farmers can produce more food, more energy and more homes.”

He also pledged to fire the head of the Bank of Canada, saying that instead of acting independently, he was printing money to pay Trudeau’s deficits.


It has long been accepted that Conservative leaders move to the right to win a leadership race and then rush to the center during an election campaign.

Poilievre says he won’t fall into that mentality, but will stick to his policies. He says he believes policies such as cutting CBC funding and building pipelines will benefit all Canadians, not just the Conservative base.

“Canadians understand that our failure to build pipelines did not protect the environment, only foreign dictators. This week, Trudeau agreed to send the turbines back to Putin so he could pump gas through his pipeline to Germany. And Germany pays for this gas. which he uses to fund his war,” he said.

“We could sell Canadian natural gas to Germany if we could get approval for pipelines and export terminals, but it takes seven to 10 years to do that. We could produce liquefied natural gas with the lowest environmental footprint on earth, because we have zero hydroelectric emissions in British Columbia, Quebec and Newfoundland and because we have cold weather that makes it easier to liquefy gas. »


Poilievre takes issue with the characterization that the Conservative party is going further to the right than it ever has.

“Balanced budgets, low taxes, resource development, freedom of speech are all core Conservative values ​​our party has stood for for decades. I would say those are mainstream Canadian values ​​that Liberals and Conservatives used to embrace unanimously,” he said.

“What happened was that the Trudeau Liberals got radicalized. They embraced the money printing deficits that caused runaway inflation, they tried to censor what people see and say on the internet. , they introduced the Emergency Measures Act to seize people’s bank accounts, they blocked resource development to impoverish our people.

“These are radical policies that are out of touch with ordinary, moderate Canadians.”

The Conservatives will elect their new leader on September 10.

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