What is the role of a broker?

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A broker is an interlocutor between a bank intermediary or an insurance company and an individual who mandates him to support him throughout the file.

At Crédit Immobilier Direct we have 3 areas of activity:

  • Consolidation of credits
  • Real Estate Credit
  • Loan Insurance

Being accompanied by a broker can help you better understand some complicated transactions but also to have an outside opinion.

Your broker has no interest in favoring one organization over another. He will guide you by explaining in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each of the solutions he has selected.

Your personal advisor will also save you time and help you build a complete file, help you write some parts if needed.

A good record will promote the negotiations and allow to obtain the best possible conditions for your project. Your representative is here to help you and negotiate with the different actors for you.

The Direct Real Estate Credit process

At Crédit Immobilier Direct the approach is as follows:

Totally free and without obligation you can fill in a form to be contacted by our teams.

Then you will be able to start to talk with a telecontractor so that he can better understand your situation and make a first diagnosis.

Thereafter, he will initiate procedures with the various banking or insurance organizations. Before each of these operations, you will give your consent.

Calling a broker does not mean losing control! Our teams advise you, accompany you but they do not decide for you.

Real Estate Credit:

A real estate project, whether it is the first one or not, is often a significant burden for homes.

That’s why financing at the best rate is very important.

Upon filing your application online on our site, one of our specialists in real estate credit will contact you to understand your expectations.

Then we will be there to advise the feasibility study, looking for the best offer among French banks until signing in a bank branch near you.

Before you even complete the online form, you can find answers to your questions in our mortgage guide on our website .

From the beginning to the end of the project your interlocutor will be the same. You can ask him your questions and questions.

Our expert in real estate credit advises you but does not take the final decision for you, you remain free in your decisions.

In addition to real estate loans, we can also accompany you to renegotiate your loan. As for a new project the first step is to fill out the online form .

Grouping of credits:

There are several situations that may make you want to do a pool of credits:

  • You have too many credits in progress, a purchase of credits will then allow you to regain purchasing power.
  • You are in a rather stable and comfortable financial situation but you have credits in progress (a car, a housing …), a purchase of credits will allow you to decrease your monthly payments and thus to realize other projects (financing of the studies of your children, travel …)

If you would like to be accompanied by the Crédit Immobilier Direct experts in your loan consolidation process, the first step is to fill out our online form according to your current situation:

  • If you are a renter the form is here.
  • If you are the owner the form is here.

It does not engage you in anything and is totally free.

In the following 24 hours we will come back to you by phone to have a first contact with your personal adviser.

He will help you establish your file by specifying the different parts to provide.

During this first interview do not hesitate to ask all your questions and provide additional information so that he can have all the information on your needs and projects.

We negotiate for you with banks specializing in credit redemption. We put them in competition to get you the best conditions.

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Loan Insurance:

The borrower insurance or insurance of mortgage loan, assures your credit in case you would not be able to refund it. This insurance is mandatory.

When you subscribe to a home loan two possibilities:

  • Choose the insurance of your bank, called group insurance,
  • Find another organization for your loan, this is called the delegation of insurance made possible since 2010 by the Lagarde law

In the field of loan insurance, Crédit Immobilier Direct is able to support you for the two scenarios above.

You can renegotiate your loan insurance at any time during the first year of your loan thanks to the Hamon law, then on each anniversary date thanks to the Sapin II law.

Applying to Crédit Immobilier Direct to help you in your steps related to your insurance borrower is free.

Indeed, the potential costs are fees that depend on the organization with which you will engage.

To be accompanied, nothing more simple, you just have to fill our form on line, it does not engage you and is 100% confidential.

On our site, 2 forms that adapt to your situation:

  • a form for renegotiation and a form for a first negotiation .

Within 24 hours one of our advisors who will be in charge of helping you will contact you again

He will accompany you in the creation of the file, will carry out research to find the best solution and in case you change your insurance, he will take the steps to terminate the one already in place.